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Passage-Black Spruce Bog

Passage-Black Spruce Bog

Passage - the transit of seasons, years, and space. The panoramic images in Passage began in noticing the effect of passing seasons on plants around boatyards. In the fall, various plants take on some of the same features found in the boat hulls, but in doing so yield a beauty of their own. In Passage, I have integrated the colors and surface textures of these plants and trees into a stretch of waterline on a boat hull as a way to highlight this passage in both subjects. Scanning the panorama also highlights the aspect of time. Fading hostas in the fall provide a special focus for the Passage theme. The hostas, which in season have beautiful color and symmetry, fade in color, shape and texture, and take on textures and shapes of ocean waves, rotting wood, and sea creatures. Here, these textures and shapes blend into that of the worn boat hulls. Hosta images are studies of the beauty of slow natural deterioration. In the spring, both boats and plants are renewed, and fresh growth and blooms around the boatyard urge the sailor to restore the condition of their boat hulls.